The 北卡罗莱纳 Retired Governmental Employees’ Association (胜博发娱乐app下载) is pleased to announce that it has partnered with AMBA to provide members with more benefit opportunities.

胜博发娱乐app下载会员享有独家福利, 折扣, 项目, and services designed to improve the lives of retirees.

For more information about any of the policies below, please call 833-784-2183星期一至星期五上午9点.m. – 6 p.m. 美国东部时间.



Retirement is an adventure—why not save 钱 along the way? 作为胜博发娱乐app下载的成员, Passport 折扣 can help members enjoy exclusive 折扣 on dining, 娱乐, 旅行, 酒店, 租车, 和更多的! ODP is the revised Office Depot/Office Max discount card, now available via app.

成员: please call our office at 800-356-1190 to receive your 护照的折扣 activation code


Most insurance plans don’t cover hearing healthcare. This no-cost program provides free hearing consultations and 折扣 on hearing aids through a nationwide network of hearing professionals.

意外死亡 & 解体的政策

意外死亡 & Dismemberment policy is a group policy that is provided free of charge to 胜博发娱乐app下载 members by the Association. The face value of the policy for accidental death is $10,000. Also there are varying amounts paid in the event of dismemberment, 失明, 以及某些改变人生的身体伤害.



Get quality coverage at affordable single or family rates with a high annual maximum—no network required, 公开报名无需等候期. Coverage of routine checkups to procedures like root canals, dentures, implants, 和更多的!


The average eye exam and glasses cost more than $450. 幸运的是,帮助就在眼前. 低利率, 容易的钱, 还有网外报销, a vision plan can help you save hundreds of dollars and protect your overall health.


A 长期护理 insurance policy can ease the financial burden on your loved ones. 为你的家庭节省数千美元, helping to protect your life savings and reduce the stress on your spouse and children.


A ground ambulance or air transport could cost thousands. 医疗保险可能不包括这些. 保护自己很重要. Medical Air 服务 Association (MASA) provides plans for lifesaving emergency transportation services. 服务 are paid in full, with no deductibles, co-pays, or dollar limits. 无论是在家还是在外旅行, 美国航空管理局负责你的救护车或空运, 无论你的年龄或身体状况如何. Plus, you can get your MASA plan through a trusted source: 胜博发娱乐app下载


一些人寿保险有健康要求. 感谢您的胜博发娱乐app下载会员资格, you can apply for a policy with locked-in acceptance, 没有问题. This plan can give you the peace of mind of protecting your family from the high cost of final expenses.


If you’re like most people sidelined by an accident or health issue, you’d prefer to recover in the comfort of your own home. 家庭医疗保健, which costs less and can be just as effective as care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility, is not always covered by standard health insurance.


Medicare doesn’t provide all the health insurance coverage you need. That’s where a Medicare Supplement plan comes in. 也被称为Medigap, these insurance plans not only help pay for additional eligible expenses not paid by Medicare, they provide the freedom for you to use your own physician, 专家, 医疗设施.


Many advanced treatments that could increase your chances for cancer survival are not available locally. Travel, care, and other out-of-pocket expenses can be overwhelming.


Accident recovery typically gets more challenging with age, which could set you back financially as well as physically.


The policy can pay you a monthly benefit after a waiting period when you’re unable to work due to a disability (injury or illness). Your policy can pay up to 70 percent of your income. Thus disability insurance can help protect your income and secure your financial future.


It’s no secret that hospital visits can be expensive. However, there are other hospital expenses that can prove costly, as well. These include extended hospital stays, emergency room visits, ambulance transportation 和更多的. That’s why having a supplemental hospital indemnity insurance policy could be a smart financial decision – one that provides additional protection for you and your loved ones.


If you never want to get jolted by sudden changes in the stock market, 那么固定指数年金可能适合你. With this annuity, your income is locked in, with a guaranteed interest rate. 此外,还有多种支付选择.


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新!! 法律的计划

Protect your family, assets and legacy with legal services from MetLife 法律的计划. Members have access to a nationwide network of attorneys for a low monthly cost. Like many people, you may find yourself needing legal assistance sooner rather than later. You’ll want a lawyer you can trust at the right price, and an easy way to get connected.​


新!! 身份盗窃保护

Do you shop online, connect to WiFi, or own a smartphone or tablet? While doing more online offers you great connectivity and convenience, it also puts some of the things that matter to you the most at risk: your identity, 钱 & 资产、家庭 & 声誉和隐私.


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